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IntellecTechs Wins Prime Award for Recovery Care Management

By August 20, 2020No Comments

Virginia Beach, VA – August 20, 2020, IntellecTechs, Inc. (pronounced In-te-LEC-Teks), proudly announces a new  multiple year contract award as a prime contractor, to provide non-clinical recovery care project management, analysis / assessment support, and mission requirement identification to the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) Recovery Care Management (RCM) Program.  Services are comprised of advocacy support for wounded warriors, ill, and injured NECC members to enhance their quality of life and strengthen operational readiness; and also, to enrollee families or caregivers with respect to Advocacy Support to help make their jobs as caregivers more manageable and alleviate the stress that accompanies a major life change.

Issues related to medical, mental health, traumatic brain injury, suicide-related behavior, and high stress as result of the cumulative impacts of 17 years of sustained combat operations, continuous high operational tempos, and highly demanding training cycles, have increased the physical and emotional toll on NECC Service Members.

“We are so excited and thoughtful for the opportunity to support this new contract and continue our support to the U.S. Navy with this mission,” said Ms. Hillary Boyce, IntellecTechs’ Vice President of Strategic Growth.

This program support will help bridge the gap between the Service Member and the myriad of services available to them.  This new contract expands IntellecTechs’ current capabilities for supporting service members and families across Department of Defense and veteran population.