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IntellecTechs offers a wide variety of Apple, Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, ACER, APC, Crucial, Microsoft, and certified Intel® products and solutions for your computer hardware, software and Software as a Service (SAAS) requirements. With over three hundred hardware and software vendors to choose from, IntellecTechs can architect any size solution you are looking for.

SymbiotiCare™, a software solution providing integrated case management for organizations who provide support to persons with disabilities and allows for detailed record keeping for a full range of activities.

Track IT is a full ticket support and time tracking solution. Capable of managing all of your employees time entry including onsite and off site locations and driving time. Easily review up to date records of your project’s time expenditure.

Customized Accounting: Designed and developed a program to interface with the IES, a complete end-to-end transportation logistics software for import and export companies and Descartes, a Resources in Motion Management System (RiMMS) software that enables the movement of goods, the conveyance assets used (e.g. pallets, containers, vehicles), the people associated with the movement of these goods and the documents that accompany these movements. These two software pieces are imperative to running a customhouse brokerage and international forwarding business. It was our job to bring them together and streamline the account process using a custom solution. This program was built on .NET Framework 3.5.

Custom Software Development: Designed and developed a benefits tracking software to interface with Microsoft Great Plains and provide a reporting search tool interface. This program interfaces with Time Matrix and Microsoft Great Plains to calculate the amount of benefits an employee accumulated on the AbilityOne Program. It allowed a company with over 500 employees in more than 30 profit centers to successfully audit their outsourced accounting utilizing an easy to use front end. The reporting feature allowed for the calculations down to the 8 hour day and included the needed rate change factor that occurs yearly. The program was built in and