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Jeri Prophet CEO, IntellecTechs Inc., Virginia Beach

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INTELLECTECHS INC. is a products and services provider to commercial, local, state and federal government organizations with a focus on innovation.

IntellecTechs provides support to clients domestically and abroad.

Starting the company

I started IntellecTechs in 2008, with the encouragement of my husband.

Hardest part of launching the company

The hardest part of launching another company was the toll it would take on my family, especially my children. My eldest son sacrificed so much growing up while I was in the Navy and then while building my previous firms. His childhood was spent in server rooms and classrooms. His time was often spent loading servers right alongside me. In 2008, when my youngest was only four, we took a family vote and it was decided that everyone was willing to pitch in.

A lesson learned

There are some customers that you are never going to be able to please, so pass them along gracefully.

Risks taken

Associates thought I was foolish. The economy was bad and it was the worst possible time to start a business, but we were fortunate. We flourished.

Biggest obstacle overcome

The biggest obstacle I faced was the subtle bigotry of low expectation given to women in the technology industry.

What or who helped the most in establishing the business?

My family, Margaret Cave, my fellow veterans and my clients. Without their support, I couldn’t have done all of this. Our clients have been amazing. They have been instrumental in our establishment from day one. We started out with nothing and were able to grow to nearly 350 clients and it was all through referrals. Thanks to Margaret’s great customer service, we have been able to maintain them.

Other business partners

There have been so many business associates and professionals who have provided us with great advice, services and encouragement over these past five years. Most notable are TFA Benefits, The Frieden Agency, Stewart & Co., as well as Tonya Perkins at Old Point National Bank. The relationships we have fostered with them and so many others are invaluable.

Greatest innovation

I believe my greatest innovation was clearly the process changes put in place that allowed our team of geniuses, stars in their own right, to come together in a synergistic symphony of training, coding and design that allows IntellecTechs to provide its customers with what others simply cannot.

Company growth

The company has nearly doubled in both employees and revenue this year. We are in the process of building out our current location. This new 10,765-square-foot office space will include our new computer build center. Our workforce recently added 39 veterans this year, bringing our total prior military workforce to 44 veterans. The year has gotten off to a great start. Current data reflects IntellecTechs will experience a record growth of nearly 30 percent during the first half of the year alone.

Earning a profit

The company earned a profit after the first year in business and has been growing each year. Current figures indicate IntellecTechs will show a record profit again this year.

Future plans

Over the past few months, we have started penetrating into the federal government marketplace with some recent contract awards. We are starting to solidify our partnerships with successful federal contractors and are currently hiring in new markets. As an 8(a) certified by the SBA, service-disabled veteran and woman-owned business, we believe the opportunity for growth is significant.

Biggest challenge for the future

As technology changes, cyber security will continue to play a major role in what shapes our future not only as a company, but as a nation. We will continue to work in lock step with our clients not only to respond to support issues, but also to be proactive in identifying problems before they occur. We will continue to provide our customers with dependable and cost- effective IT services to support their daily operational and strategic growth needs.


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