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IntellecTechs Cyber Advisory:

Hackers are now using coronavirus status updates to infect users with malware

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting a large portion of the general population hackers and scammers are taking full advantage of this crisis and IntellecTechs is advising enhanced vigilance during a period where remote work will increase and users stress levels are at a heightened state.  Phishing email campaigns by the hackers and scammers are targeting users by impersonating World health Organization (WHO) medical leadership, federal and state emergency leaders and even news sites with attachments riddled with malware, infectious links within news stories and virus status maps which are also infected with malware.

Users are reminded of the following:

  • To check links before clicking, especially when the subject related to the Coronavirus and ensure its sent from HR or Executive Leadership.
  • Ensure documents pertaining to the virus come from a trusted source before opening them – SOPHOS will block the document and advise the user (lower right hand corner) via an alert that malware is detected and block the document from opening if it can’t clean the virus up. Please delete the message and DO NOT forward the message to others.
  • WHO-Branded phishing attempts are on the rise – please be advised the World Health Organization is not emailing the population directly and these emails should be immediately deleted.
  • Be wary of links from social media sites, especially when accessing them from a corporate asset.

The following is an example of a fake email from the WHO Representative which contained malware:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the helpdesk at 757.962.2487 or